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Picrew OC Makers

Started in 2002 under the name "Divot Design," Doll Divine is a dress up game portal, immensely popular with a largely female demographic, ages 15-25 and beyond. It features complex games created by Ola as well as Picrew OC Makers.

Started in 2019, Meiker is a platform that puts the power in the hands of the visitors. Meiker technology allows even the most novice of artists to create their own, interactive html5 dress up games and avatar creators, with only basic programming knowledge. Games are posted for free, online and shared with the community.

Character Creators and Free Apps

The international, viral sensation was co-created by Ola and Petr Pospisil. It was a political statement to address the rising home prices in Vancouver, Canada.

Viral Vancouver website

Ola's submission for the contest won the popular vote inside the city of Nelson, and received second place in the overall competition, losing by only 50 votes. The submission consisted of cedar planks treated with Japanese wood burning technique, shou sugi ban, and rust-resistant aluminum letters.

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